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Since 2000, the Salco Limited Division has been actively importing and marketing fertilizers, Agrochemicals, Veterinary Drugs, Feeds Additives, Wheat, Tractors and various contracted Chemicals and Hospital/Medical Equipment.

The main sources of products are Holland, Germany, France, UK, and United States.

Product is shipped by respected suppliers on the basis of a firm contract covered by Bill of collection and letter of credit with a domestic Bank. The office of our affiliated Company in Holland is the normal facilitating agent to ensure timely and accurate shipping and documentation.

Our office in Lagos has extensive experience in clearing products through Apapa docks, warehousing and transporting to the ultimate destination. The company has secure, enclosed warehouse facilities at our office location.



The Salco Limited Export Division was formed in response to an opportunity to develop further business from the Importation of Veterinary drugs from, principally, Holland.

Contacts developed through importation are also used to sell Nigerian Agricultural products to agents and end users in Europe thus facilitating international funding efficiencies. The experience over the last few years enables the Export Division to be able to expand its scope to include not only Ginger and Sesame Seed but other Nigerian products that at present do not enjoy exposure to world markets.


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